Purchasing a Home

Your Path to Homeownership Starts Here with APS Mortgages

When it comes to real estate investment, there are numerous avenues to explore. Likewise, there are a multitude of financial products available to facilitate the purchase of a property. This is where our expertise comes in handy, as we offer professional advice on optimizing your investment returns.

Beyond your primary residence, there are other programs worth considering, including the following:

First Time Home Buyer

You’ve long envisioned this moment and meticulously planned for it. Now, you’re prepared to embark on the most significant financial commitment of your life! We are here to turn your dreams into reality. Get in touch with one of our licensed mortgage agents for more information, or kick start the process by filling out our online application.

Acquiring Your Primary Home

Whether you’re seeking a larger abode or considering downsizing, we can leverage the equity in your current home to set you on the right path toward a new dwelling that aligns with the next phase of your life. The process of selling and purchasing can be overwhelming. Let one of our licensed mortgage agents alleviate the stress from this process for you. Reach out to our office or complete the online application today.

Investing in a Rental Property

A rental property can serve as a valuable investment tool, allowing you to diversify your portfolio. A minimum of 20% down payment is required for those with sound credit, while a slightly higher down payment is necessary for those with less-than-perfect credit. The interest on the loan is tax-deductible. The location may also determine the down payment required.

Purchasing a Cottage or Shared Home

In search of a summer retreat or a second home in a different city for work? There are excellent products available to facilitate these endeavors. These products can also facilitate the purchase of a residence for children studying away at university or college.

Purchase Plus Improvements or Renovations

Designed for clients eyeing a property with great potential but in need of a little TLC, the Purchase Plus program enables clients to make immediate improvements after taking possession of their new home, with the costs incorporated into their mortgage payment.

New to Canada

Embarking on homeownership in a new country comes with unique challenges. APS Mortgages understands the needs of newcomers to Canada, offering specialized financing solutions and expert guidance to help you establish roots and make your new house feel like home.

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